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Effects on Soybean of Prophylactic In-furrow Application of Insecticide and Fertilizer in Minnesota and Ohio

R. L. Koch, W. A. Rich, B. D. Potter, and R. B. Hammond

March 2016


Use of crop inputs, including prophylactic application of insecticides, has increased in soybean production. A liquid fertilizer-ready formulation of bifenthrin was recently labeled for in-furrow use with a starter fertilizer on soybean. An experiment was conducted at 6 sites (3 in Minnesota and 3 in Ohio) in 2013 and 2 sites (in Minnesota) in 2014 to evaluate effects on soybean of prophylactic in-furrow applications of a liquid fertilizer-ready insecticide (bifenthrin) and a 2-6-16 (N-P-K) liquid starter fertilizer alone and in combination.


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