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Re-emergence of Tobacco streak virus Infecting Soybean in the United States and Canada

M. D. Irizarry, C. L. Groves, M. G. Elmore, C. A. Bradley, R. Dasgupta, T. L. German, D. J. Jardine, E. Saalau Rojas, D. L. Smith, A. U. Tenuta, S. A. Whitham, and D. S. Mueller

April 2016


Tobacco streak virus (TSV) has an extensive plant host range, but until recently has not been a common problem in North American soybean. TSV is associated with bud blight and yield loss due to reduced plant height and density, and delayed seed development and plant maturity. TSV has been reported in recent years in Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, and Wisconsin, as well as Ontario, Canada. Presence of the virus was confirmed by ELISA. In an Iowa field with high incidence, regression analysis indicated a significant positive relationship between incidence and seed moisture. TSV is seed and pollen transmitted, as well as being spread by thrips. Increasingly variable weather creating favorable conditions for thrips may be facilitating the rise of TSV. The combination of increased incidence of TSV with associated potential for yield loss and few known management methods brings attention to the need for further research.


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