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A Ralstonia solanacearum Strain from Guatemala Infects Diverse Flower Crops, Including New Asymptomatic Hosts Vinca and Sutera, and Causes Symptoms in Geranium, Mandevilla Vine, and New Host African Daisy

J. Weibel, T. M. Tran, A. M. Bocsanczy, M. Daughtrey, D. J. Norman, L. Mejia, and C. Allen

May 2016


The known number of plant hosts on which Ralstonia solanacearum can cause bacterial wilt disease is very large and still expanding. Less is known about the plants that can be colonized by this bacterium without exhibiting symptoms, although hosts like Solanum dulcamara are demonstrably epidemiologically important. The ornamental plant industry, an important economic engine in the developing tropics, transports millions of cuttings internationally each year. We used a recent outbreak on ornamental plants that was associated with R. solanacearum to explore the potential of a non-R3bv2 strain to wilt and latently infect ornamental plants.


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