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First Report of Lilac ring mottle virus Infecting Lilac in the United States

D. Sharma-Poudyal, N. K. Osterbauer, M. L. Putnam, and S. W. Scott

July 2016


Symptoms of leaf deformation, reduction in leaf size, ring spots, and line patterns were observed on lilac ’President Grevy’ and ’Krasavitsa Moskvy’ grown by a nursery in Marion Co., OR. Total nucleic acids were isolated from symptomatic leaf tissue and subjected to PCR analysis for the movement protein of the RNA3 of Lilac ring mottle virus (LiRMoV). The amplicon produced showed >99% homology with the published sequence for LiRMoV. This is the first report of LiRMoV from lilac President Grevy and Krasavitsa Moskvy in the USA.


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