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Surveying for Virus-vectoring Nematodes in Container-grown Blueberry Plants in Oregon

D. Sharma-Poudyal, C. Fraley, and N. K. Osterbauer

August 2016


The goal of this study was to determine the risk of finding virus-vectoring nematodes in containerized blueberry plants placed on gravel. To detect dagger nematode, soil, and potting media samples were collected from blueberry nurseries growing plants in containers using soilless potting media, with the containers placed on a gravel bed or, for one nursery, on a plastic sheet placed on the soil surface. Potting media samples were collected from containers holding plants and soil samples were collected from beneath the gravel or plastic barrier. Nematodes were extracted from all of the samples using sucrose centrifugation. No dagger or other plant parasitic nematodes were detected in any of the samples tested. These results suggest no treatment of soilless potting media is necessary before planting blueberries into containers. Similarly, the gravel layer seems to be an effective barrier for suppressing dagger and other plant parasitic nematodes.


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