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A Standardized Inoculation Protocol to Test Wheat Cultivars for Reaction to Head Blast Caused by Magnaporthe oryzae (Triticum pathotype)

C. D. Cruz, W. W. Bockus, J. P. Stack, B. Valent, J. N. Maciel, and G. L. Peterson

August 2016


Wheat blast, caused by the Triticum pathotype of Magnaporthe oryzae, poses a significant threat to wheat production worldwide. Because this pathotype does not occur in the United States, it is important to prepare for its possible introduction. As part of this preparation, over 500 U.S. wheat cultivars were tested for susceptibility or resistance to head blast. Inoculations were conducted under biosafety level 3 conditions. However, the protocols to phenotype wheat cultivars vary among researchers, and head blast inoculation protocols need to be standardized so that results can be easily interpreted and shared internationally. The protocol presented, based on several years' experience, is recommended for common use to facilitate direct comparison of disease phenotyping results among researchers.


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