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First Report of Tomato chlorotic spot virus in the Non-Solanaceous Weeds Erect Spiderling (Boerhavia erecta), Asian Spiderflower (Cleome viscosa), and Sweet Chili Pepper (Capsicum chinense) in Puerto Rico

C. E. de Jensen, I. E. Badillo-Vargas, G. Frantz, H. C. Mellinger, W. W. Turechek, S. F. Hutton, J. E. Funderburk, R. A. Naidu, and S. Adkins

March 2017


Tomato chlorotic spot virus (TCSV) has recently been detected in tomato, bell pepper, jimsonweed, and lettuce in Puerto Rico. Observations of weeds and additional crops in 2015 and 2016 revealed TCSV-like symptoms. Testing of these symptomatic plants identified three new hosts of TCSV in Puerto Rico: erect spiderling (Boerhavia erecta); Asian spiderflower (Cleome viscosa); and sweet chili pepper (Capsicum chinense).


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