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First Report of Stem and Bulb Nematode Ditylenchus dipsaci on Garlic in New Mexico

J. M. French, J. Beacham, A. Garcia, N. P. Goldberg, S. H. Thomas, and S. F. Hanson

May 2017


Taken together, symptoms present, microscopic characterization, and ITS-1 sequence data indicate New Mexico garlic samples infested with Ditylenchus dipsaci, making this the first known report of this pest in the state. This discovery is significant because D. dipsaci can be a persistent pest and has the potential to cause significant economic losses on agronomically important hosts including onion, garlic, and alfalfa. Its longevity in the soil and international trade issues will be concerns for producers. Monitoring of production areas in the region will be performed to determine if this was an isolated and contained introduction or if this important pest has become established in New Mexico.


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