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Evaluation of the Florida Strawberry Advisory System for Control of Botrytis and Anthracnose Fruit Rots in Ohio

L. G. Cordova, M. A. Ellis, L. L. Wilson, L. V. Madden, and N. A. Peres

July 2018


The Florida Strawberry Advisory System (StAS) forecasts the need for fungicide applications for control of Botrytis fruit rot (BFR) and anthracnose fruit rot (AFR) based on leaf wetness and temperature during the moist period. StAS was evaluated in Ohio for four seasons from 2011 to 2014 and compared with the calendar-based system currently used by growers. BFR was severe in 2011 and 2013 and nearly absent in the other years, whereas AFR was not a problem in any of the four years. Using the calendar-based system, five to six applications were made each year for BFR, whereas only two or fewer were recommended using StAS. For AFR control, six to seven applications were made based on the calendar system, whereas three or fewer were recommended by StAS. There was no case in which the calendar program outperformed the StAS in disease management. Use of StAS would greatly reduce the number of sprays needed for control of fruit rot diseases and result in significant savings for Ohio strawberry growers.


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