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Quantifying the Effects of Fungicides and Tillage on Cercospora sojina Severity and Yield of Soybean

A. Mengistu, H. M. Kelly, P. R. Arelli, N. Bellaloui, and B. Lin

September 2018


A field study was conducted in 2014 through 2016 at the University of Tennessee Research and Education Center, Milan, TN, to determine fungicide effects on frogeye leaf spot (FLS) caused by Cercospora sojina and to determine disease severity and yield under no-till and tillage. Each plot was visually rated for FLS severity based on the percent leaf area covered from 0 to 100%. The result showed that tillage did not affect severity of the disease or yield. However, there were significant effects from fungicide, year-to-year effects, and fungicide × year interactions. Among the three years, disease severity in 2016 was greater than in 2014 and 2015. Among the six fungicides, Topsin, Topguard, Quadris TOP SBX, and Priaxor significantly (P ≤ 0.05) reduced maximum disease severity in 2016. All fungicide applications improved yield relative to the untreated check. Topsin and Quadris TOP SBX, however, had consistently the highest percent yield increases. These results suggest that not all fungicides that reduced FLS severity equally protected yield, indicating that yield and environmental conditions need to be considered when making appropriate fungicide recommendations in tilled and no-till systems.


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