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First Report of Tomato Necrotic Spot Virus Infecting Tomato in Indiana

S. A. Bratsch, T. C. Creswell, and G. E. Ruhl

September 2018


During the 2017 growing season, high-tunnel-grown fresh market tomatoes from an Indiana producer were identified with virus-like symptoms. Foliar symptoms included necrotic spotting and flecking, and stems had necrotic streaks. Fruit had an extensive pattern of necrotic concentric lines, spots, and scabbing, making them unsaleable. Around 5% of the plants exhibited symptoms. Degenerate Ilarvirus group-specific primers identified the virus as belonging to the Ilarvirus group. Primers designed to amplify the coat protein identified the virus as tomato necrotic spot virus, previously only reported in processing tomatoes in California.


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