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Occurrence of Botrytis Crown Rot Caused by Botrytis cinerea in Lettuce in Southern New Mexico

S. Sanogo, S. Dura, P. Lujan, J. Barraza, and B. Kapran

May 2019


This study provides the first account of the occurrence of Botrytis crown rot of lettuce in New Mexico. Lettuce plants affected by Botrytis crown rot displayed symptoms that included necrotic lesions on leaves, crown rot, and collapse of leaves at the crown. Severely affected plants were covered with grayish mycelium mats and spore masses. Black sclerotia were also found on several symptomatic plants. Based on morphological features and molecular analysis, the causal agent of Botrytis crown of lettuce in New Mexico was identified as B. cinerea. Although lettuce is a minor crop in New Mexico, the finding of Botrytis crown rot underlines the need of regularly monitoring lettuce fields to detect emerging pathogens so that appropriate control measures may be designed to mitigate the impact of these pathogens in production fields.


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