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Early Detection of Asian Soybean Rust Using PCR

K. H. Lamour, L. Finley, K. L. Snover-Clift, J. P. Stack, J. Pierzynski, R. Hammerschmidt, J. L. Jacobs, J. M. Byrne, P. F. Harmon, A. M. Vitoreli, G. C. Wisler, C. L. Harmon, L. Levy, K. A. Zeller, C. L. Stone, D. G. Luster, and R. D. Frederick

May 2006


Early detection of Asian soybean rust (ASR) is essential to help producers minimize its impact. DNA from ASR-infected soybean plants was used to compare conventional and real-time ASR-specific PCR assays at seven laboratories in the USA. This study demonstrates the ability to reliably detect ASR in soybean before the presence of readily visible symptoms. It also demonstrates the reproducibility of the PCR assay across different real-time PCR platforms at multiple laboratories when the assays were performed in multiple diagnostic laboratories.


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