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A Comparative Analysis of Detection Techniques Used in US Regulatory Programs to Determine Presence of Phytophthora ramorum in Camellia japonica ‘Nucio’s Gem’ in an Infested Nursery in Southern California

R. Bulluck, P. Shiel, P. Berger, D. Kaplan, G. Parra, W. Li, L. Levy, J. Keller, M. Reddy, N. Sharma, M. Dennis, J. Stack, J. Pierzynski, J. O’Mara, C. Webb, L. Finley, K. Lamour, J. McKemy, and M. Palm

October 2006


Phytophthora ramorum (Pram) is a pathogen of regulatory concern in the USA, and accurate diagnostics is a key component in the response to potential pathogen outbreaks. Although the molecular diagnostic protocols used in regulatory programs have been evaluated using regulatory samples, no direct comparison of these methods has previously been analyzed within a nursery setting.


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