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A Comparative Analysis of Diagnostic Protocols for Detection of the Asian Soybean Rust Pathogen, Phakopsora pachyrhizi

W. M. Jurick II, C. L. Harmon, J. Marois, D. L. Wright, K. Lamour, A. Vitoreli, T. Creswell, D. Hershman, C. Estevez, B. Kemerait, C. Balbalian, and P. F. Harmon

May 2007


Plant diagnosticians routinely process soybean rust samples with one or more of the following diagnostic protocols: visual assessment with dissecting microscope, ELISA, and pathogen-specific PCR (conventional & real-time). Results of these diagnostic protocols and time required for diagnosis were collected for samples with signs (sporulation) of soybean rust (presumed positive) and samples without sporulating rust pustules (presumed negative). The effects of sample treatment and storage on results of 2 diagnostic protocols also were examined.


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