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Evidence for Decreasing Helicoverpa zea Susceptibility to Pyrethroid Insecticides in the Midwestern United States

W. D. Hutchison, E. C. Burkness, B. Jensen, B. R. Leonard, J. Temple, D. R. Cook, R. A. Weinzierl, R. E. Foster, T. L. Rabaey, and B. R. Flood

July 2007


The corn earworm (CEW) is a highly mobile pest of numerous field and vegetable crops in much of North America. Historically, synthetic pyrethroid insecticides have been cost-effective and have provided excellent control of CEW. However, since 2000 pyrethroids have only provided 35 to 45% control in field tests conducted in the Midwest. Recent findings, including the stability of resistance each year in the Midwest, are discussed within the context of developing and expanding a North American resistance monitoring and management network.


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