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Helicoverpa zea Trends from the Northeast: Suggestions Towards Collaborative Mapping of Migration and Pyrethroid Susceptibility

S. Fleischer, G. Payne, T. Kuhar, A. Herbert, Jr., S. Malone, J. Whalen, G. Dively, D. Johnson, J. A. Hebberger, J. Ingerson-Mahar, D. Miller, and S. Isard

July 2007


In the northeastern US, sweet corn is attacked by three lepidopterans, two of which are primarily migrants from the south. Knowledge about when and where these immigrants arrive can dramatically reduce insecticide inputs. We discuss progress on monitoring for pyrethroid resistance in one of the migrants, Helicoverpa zea, and in developing interactive cartography for regional monitoring of migratory lepidopterans in the northeastern US.


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