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Perspectives from the Crop Protection Industry: Suggestions for Collaborative Resistance Management

C. Savinelli, J. Immaraju, C. Schiller, D. Rogers, V. Pedibhotla, P. Robinson, M. Dekeyser, G. D. Thompson, B. Stanley, C. Staetz, R. Hummel, G. Head, J. Wrubel, J. Chamberlin

July 2007


IRAC-US is a specialist technical group of CropLife America. It provides a coordinated crop protection industry response to prevent or delay the development of resistance in insect and mite pests. Its aim is to keep all classes of insecticides and acaricides as viable control options. The neonicotinoid subcommittee of IRAC, U.S. has developed resistance management guidelines for the use of the neonicotinoid class of chemistry. For additional information about IRAC, US visit the website:


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