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An Application of Space-Time Analysis to Improve the Epidemiological Understanding of the Papaya-Papaya Yellow Crinkle Pathosystem

P. D. Esker, K. S. Gibb, P. M. Dixon, and F. W. Nutter, Jr.

July 2007


Yellow crinkle disease of papaya is a serious threat to papaya production in Australia. Space-time point pattern analysis was used to study the spatial and temporal dependence of two phytoplasma strains that cause yellow crinkle: tomato big bud (TBB) and sweet potato little leaf V4 (SPLL-V4). Incidence data for both phytoplasma strains were obtained in Katherine, NT, Australia. The primary ecological and epidemiological goal was to elucidate the scale of spatial or spatio-temporal aggregation of phytoplasma-infected papaya plants.


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