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Plant Pathogens at Work: Improving Weed Control Efficacy

C. B. Yandoc-Ables, E. N. Rosskopf, and R. Charudattan

August 2007


Research in the area of the use of plant pathogens as biological control agents for weeds is conducted using either the classical or the bioherbicidal approach. In the classical approach, a pathogen is typically imported from a foreign location to control an introduced weed target. In the inundative or bioherbicide strategy, an indigenous pathogen is cultured to produce large quantities of inoculum that are applied at high rates to the entire target weed population. Research on the development of plant pathogens for biological control using the inundative or bioherbicide approach has moved from determining host range and demonstrating pathogenicity to investigating systems that enhance the efficacy of these agents.


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