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First Report of the Natural Occurrence of Soybean Bacterial Wilt Isolates Pathogenic to Dry Beans in Nebraska

R. M. Harveson and A. K. Vidaver

August 2007


None of the soybean wilt pathogens are commonly found in midwestern soybean crops. This is the first report of naturally-infected US soybean fields in at least 25 years and the first ever for Nebraska. This is also the first report of naturally-occurring soybean wilt isolates being pathogenic to dry beans. The severity of the damage on dry beans has been well documented. However, the potential for future problems in soybean production in Nebraska and elsewhere is unknown. Crop rotation may affect disease severity and pathogen survival in these two crops, since there are several regions in Nebraska where the two crops may overlap. Currently, the source of inoculum is not established, but the unique presence of both dry bean and soybean pathogens in production fields warrants investigation of the relationships among isolates.


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