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Efficacy of Pre-harvest Fungicide Applications and Cold Storage for Postharvest Control of Botrytis Fruit Rot (Gray Mold) on Red Raspberry

M. A. Ellis, L. V. Madden, S. R. Wright, and L. L. Wilson

October 2008


The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of fungicide timing and cold storage on post-harvest fruit rot caused by Botrytis cinerea in raspberry. Applications of fungicides Elevate 50WG and Switch 62.5WG to red raspberry prior to harvest were evaluated for post-harvest control of fruit rot. Fungicides were applied 3 times during bloom only, 3 times pre-harvest (post-bloom) only, or 6 times full season (bloom through harvest), and symptomless fruit (at harvest) were incubated in either cold storage or at room temperature.


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