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Occurrence of Viruses in Wheat in the Great Plains Region, 2008

M. Burrows, G. Franc, C. Rush, T. Blunt, D. Ito, K. Kinzer, J. Olson, J. O’Mara, J. Price, C. Tande, A. Ziems, and J. Stack

July 2009


The survey goals were to determine the prevalence and diversity of viruses present in our cropping systems, improve initial diagnostic efforts by determining the range of symptoms associated with single and multiple infections, and provide more accurate information to producers dealing with virus diseases in small grains. Field surveys tested symptomatic wheat in 9 states in 2008 for Wheat streak mosaic virus, Wheat mosaic virus, Triticum mosaic virus, Barley yellow dwarf virus-PAV, and Cereal yellow dwarf virus-RPV.


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