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Occurrences of Soybean Viruses, Fungal Diseases, and Pests in Illinois Soybean Rust Sentinel Plots

H. A. Hobbs, T. K. Herman, T. L. Slaminko, Y. Wang, B. T. Nguyen, N. K. McCoppin, L. L. Domier, and G. L. Hartman

August 2010


After soybean rust was confirmed in soybean in the USA, sentinel plots were established in 26 states to monitor its spread. Funding for establishing, sampling, and monitoring the plots came from the USDA, national, regional, and state soybean commodity boards, and state departments of agriculture, extension services, and universities. The presence of sentinel plots for soybean rust monitoring provided the potential for reducing the time and expense of extensive statewide travel for collection of soybean leaf samples for monitoring the incidence of other foliar diseases of soybean in Illinois.


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