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Root Rot of Dry Edible Bean Caused by Fusarium graminearum

V. N. Bilgi, C. A. Bradley, F. M. Mathew, S. Ali, and J. B. Rasmussen

April 2011


Previously, most Fusarium root rot of dry edible bean was considered to be caused by Fusarium solani (Mart.) Sacc. f. sp. phaseoli W.C. Snyder & H.N. Hansen (Fsp). Recently, several reports of F. graminearum Schwabe (Fg) causing disease on below-ground tissues of dicotyledonous plants have been published. The objectives of our research were to: (i) determine if a pathogenic association between Fg and dry edible bean occurs under natural field conditions; (ii) test Fg isolates from dry edible bean to compare aggressiveness with an Fsp isolate; and (iii) evaluate dry edible bean genotypes for resistance to root rot caused by Fg and Fsp.


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