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Plant Management Network

Plant Health Progress symposium proceedings 

Helicoverpa zea Susceptibility to Pyrethroids in the Midwest − proceedings

Managing Risk to Minimize Crop Loss − proceedings

Melhus Symposium, 2005 (5th Annual, Austin, TX) − proceedings

Melhus Symposium, 2008 (8th Annual, Minneapolis, MN) − proceedings

Melhus Symposium, 2011 (11th Annual, Honolulu, HI) − proceedings

Melhus Symposium, 2012 (12th Annual, Providence, RI) − proceedings

Plant Management Network symposium proceedings

Ascochyta: 2009, 2nd International Ascochyta Workshop − proceedings

Cotton Incorporated Crop Management Seminar and Precision Irrigation Workshop: 2012 − proceedings

Field Crops Rust Symposium: 2011 − proceedings

Huanglongbing: 2011 International Research Conference − proceedings

Huanglongbing: 2008 International Research Conference − proceedings

National Plant Diagnostic Network, 2007 Meeting − proceedings

National Soybean Rust Symposium: 2009 − proceedings

National Soybean Rust Symposium: 2007 − proceedings

National Soybean Rust Symposium: 2006 − proceedings

National Soybean Rust Symposium: 2005 − proceedings

On-Farm Research Conference − proceedings

Sclerotinia: 2009, 14th International Sclerotinia Workshop − proceedings