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U. S. Horticultural Research Laboratory

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Reaching Beyond Boundaries

Proceedings of the Meeting

Orlando, Florida December 2008

Overview, Index, Editors, & Other Introductory Material

Keynote Addresses

Historical perspectives of HLB in Asia

Evolution of Citrus, Diaphorina citri, and Liberibacter asiaticus

Research and Health Management of Citrus Huanglongbing in Taiwan

Session 1: Current HLB Situation and Concerns Regarding Asian Citrus Greening and the Asian Citrus Psyllid

Session 2: HLB Survey

Session 3: HLB Detection and Diagnostics

Session 4: Pathogen Genome Sequencing, Phylogenetics, and Culturing

Session 5: Host Pathogen Interaction

Session 6: Asian Citrus Psyllid (Biology and Genomics)

Session 7: Asian Citrus Psyllid (Ecology and Transmission)

Session 8: Economics, Fruit Quality, Crop Loss

Session 9: International Regulatory Agencies Regulating HLB

Session 10: Epidemiology

Session 11: Psyllid Management Strategies

Session 12: HLB Management Strategies

Session 13: Host Resistance

Session 14: International Citrus Industries: Coping with HLB

Key Take-Home Messages and a View to the Future:

Summaries of Research Sessions

Industry Summaries/Perspectives

Regulatory Summaries/Perspectives

Final Wrap up


Author Index

List of Participants

Meeting Agenda

1988 Ph.D. Thesis of Bernard Aubert, Huanglongbing (HLB): Diagnosis and strategies for control in Reunion Island

The Citrus Huang Lung Bin Disease in China

Ranked International Research Priorities

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