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Opening Statement  An introduction to these Proceedings from Dr. James Stack, Executive Director of the National Plant Diagnostic Network.

Organizing Committee  List of members of the NPDN National Meeting planning team.

Program  Download a PDF copy of the original program.

Photo Gallery  View a collection of pictures and corresponding captions from the NPDN Meeting.

Presentations  PowerPoints from many of the presentations and committee meetings are provided here in PDF format.

Poster Presentations  Abstracts and PDF files of the 54 posters are included in this section.

Governance Committee Report  A document detailing the purpose and structure of the NPDN Governance Committee.

Session Notes  Compilation of discussions on each general and concurrent session presented. Available for review and distribution. Volunteers were pre-assigned to record key points in every session. These notes are not a complete record of the comments made by individuals, but convey a general sense of the discussions that took place.

Regional Meeting Notes  Minutes from the concurrent NPDN regional network annual meetings.

Photos from the symposium in Orlando, Florida

Participants gather to kick off the meeting at the Welcome Reception.


Three Regional Directors most likely making preparations for upcoming events: (left to right) George Hudler, Director, NEPDN; Rick Bostock, Director, WPDN; Ray Hammerschmidt, Director, NCPDN.


Jim Stack, GPDN, delivers opening remarks.


Karen Snover-Clift, NEPDN, and Jim Stack, GPDN, give opening comments to the group.


Dr. Gale Buchanan, USDA, Undersecretary for Research, Extension, and Economics, speaking with Dr. Bruce McPheron of Penn State University and Mary Palm of USDA-APHIS-PPQ.


Dr. Gale Buchanan, USDA, and Kitty Cardwell enjoy lunch before the 2007 Farm Bill presentation.


Participants view 56 posters covering subjects such as significant pathogens and pests, regional business, subcommittees, and more.


NCPDN Regional members meet for the Regional Breakout Session.


Participants of the Meeting convene for the General Session.

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