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Posted 27 August 2014. PMN Crop News.

BASF Announces Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs) Established for Sharpen Herbicide

Import options broaden into key worldwide markets including EU

Source: BASF Crop Protection Press Release.

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina (August 7, 2014)--BASF announced today the official publication of Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs) established by the European Commission for Sharpen® herbicide in the EU. Growers of field peas, dry beans and soybeans have an expanded tool for harvest aid and desiccation thanks to these newly established MRLs.


“The timing of this announcement means that growers have the opportunity to incorporate Sharpen herbicide as a harvest aid or desiccant in the 2014 season,” said Mark Oostlander, Technical Market Manager, BASF. “Sharpen herbicide provides excellent leaf, pod and stem desiccation for improved time management and harvest efficiency.”

Sharpen herbicide, when applied at pre-harvest, drives crop and weed dry-down three-to-five times faster than glyphosate. Faster dry-down can improve harvestability and help maintain crop quality.

BASF continues to work toward establishing import tolerances for key markets around the world for its herbicides. Always consult with your processing and exporting companies before finalizing harvest aid and desiccant decisions to ensure marketability of the crop.