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Posted 29 December 2014. PMN Crop News.

Sonata Fungicide Announces New Uses for Broadacre Crops

Source: Bayer CropScience Press Release.

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina (December 16, 2014)--Bayer CropScience today announced the consolidation of the Ballad Plus and Sonata fungicide brands into a single brand: Sonata fungicide. The patent-protected Sonata product is based on a unique strain of Bacillus pumilus (QST 2808), which offers fungicidal protection to fruit crops such as pome, grape and tomato as well as broadacre crops such as corn, soy and wheat.


Sonata fungicide is effective against downy and powdery mildews and rusts, and is an excellent fit in resistance management programs. Sonata contains an antifungal amino sugar compound that inhibits cell metabolism, creating a zone of inhibition on plant surfaces and preventing pathogens from establishing on the plant. With the label transition from Ballad Plus, Sonata can now be used to protect against diseases in broadacre crops in registered states.

Sonata continues to be an effective fungicide to protect registered fruit crops such as pome, grapes and tomatoes and is also approved for organic use in such crops. Sonata is a powerful tool when integrated into an overall disease and pest management strategy.

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Cory Wightman