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Posted 28 May 2015. PMN Crop News.

Encirca Services Helping More Growers to Add Value on Every Acre

Real-time data management solutions help maximize productivity, profitability

Source: DuPont Pioneer Press Release.

Des Moines, Iowa (May 20, 2015)--More growers are taking advantage of EncircaSM services from DuPont Pioneer to help them better manage inputs and mitigate risks as they plant their 2015 crops. With the USDA reporting that U.S. corn and soybean planting is running well ahead of the five-year average for this time, growers are utilizing EncircaSM services to adjust planting plans to accommodate the warmer spring weather, optimize critical inputs such as seed and nitrogen fertilizer, and log early season scouting notes.


"The warmer spring and pockets of heavy rain throughout the country are exactly the types of weather anomalies that EncircaSM services can help growers navigate," said Joe Foresman, director of EncircaSM services Marketing and Product Development. "EncircaSM services are delivered through a trusted local advisor who helps growers evaluate their planting and nutrient management plans - taking into account weather, soil types, land topography and historical trends - in order to maximize operational efficiency and grower profitability at the end of the season."

Launched earlier this year, EncircaSM Yield Stand helps growers tailor corn and soybean planting prescriptions to unique areas of each field, while also providing risk analysis and planting priority tools to help growers make real-time adjustments if weather or other factors interfere with spring planting. The EncircaSM Yield Nitrogen Management Service works together with EncircaSM Yield Stand to help growers differentially manage acres at a sub-field level or decision zone to improve productivity and control costs by applying varied rates of nitrogen fertilizer (N).

As growers begin early-season scouting, they are using the EncircaSM View service to record, organize, and share crop observations. The notes are automatically geo-referenced and archived to track historical trends that inform decisions year-to-year. More than 15,000 notes and photos have been captured in EncircaSM View this spring.

"More growers are getting first-hand experience with the value of our real-time, data-driven management services," said Foresman. "We've seen strong adoption of our EncircaSM Yield and EncircaSM View platforms and look forward to expanding with additional services that help growers improve input management and work through production challenges in real-time, on every acre."

Jane Slusark