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Posted 28 May 2015. PMN Crop News.

New BioMax Dual Action + Turns the Root Biosphere Into a More Efficient Nutrient Engine Helping Maximize Nut Quality and Yield

Source: Agro-K Press Release.

Minneapolis, Minnesota (May 6, 2015)--High-quality, high-yielding nut crops require a robust, healthy tree root biosphere where natural organisms improve the availability and efficiency of soil fertilizers to complement fast-acting prescriptive foliar nutrition programs.


Agro-K Corporation’s new BioMax Dual Action + feeds and activates native bacteria and fungi to make more soil nutrients plant-available and grower investment in fertility programs more effective. BioMax Dual Action + also promotes root development leading to a larger stronger root mass that is more effective at foraging for nutrients and moisture.

In the rhizosphere a healthy and diverse microbial population is important to promote root growth and enhance natural “root flushing” to maximize nutrient extraction and uptake from the soil. BioMax Dual Action + encourages nutrient cycling by stimulating the existing native bacteria and fungi helping accelerate the conversion of normally insoluble, unavailable nutrients into available nutrition the root hairs can access and absorb. Increased microbial populations and activity also improves the efficiency of ground applied fertilizers so growers get optimum value for their fertility investment.

BioMax Dual Action + is a combination of Agro-K’s exclusive microbial fermentation technology and Agro-K’s pioneering seaweed extract and stabilization technology. Together these technologies work synergistically to build a healthy microbial-diverse rhizosphere and a stronger more functional root system that is better able to feed and size high yielding nut trees.

BioMax is Agro-K’s fermentation-based soil fertilizer containing enzymes, fermentation co-factors and micronutrients that together constitute a complex microbial food source which stimulates and increases native, existing beneficial aerobic bacteria and soil fungi such as mycorrhizae. This results in increased nutrient availability and efficiency of uptake into the plant. BioMax contains no humic acid or living microbial agents. Instead, BioMax targets and feeds naturally existing bacteria and fungi already present in the soil environment.

The use of pre-packaged “living” soil biological products which are cultured in sterile environments are not adapted to an orchard’s specific soil, crop and environmental conditions which can limit their longevity and effectiveness. Living microbial products may also require specific storage conditions and often have a limited shelf life, all of which can result in inconsistent field performance. In addition, the per acre cost of living microbial additives are another consideration.

Ground-applied fertilizers – especially phosphate and potassium – are rapidly bound up in the soil structure, leaving only a small faction available for root uptake.

BioMax Dual Action + increases biological activity thereby maximizing nutrient availability to the roots. Enhancing soil nutrient availability ahead of critical nut development stages is important to increased quality and yield.

The companion aspect of BioMax Dual Action + is Agro-K’s proprietary seaweed extract technology designed to promote root growth, plant growth, and overall tree vigor. Agro-K’s seaweed products are the result of more than three decades of experience perfecting seaweed formulations for targeted agricultural use. Agro-K’s unique soil seaweed blend which including species like ascophyllym nodosum go through a unique stabilization manufacturing process helps preserve and maximize key metabolites to create a potent soil fertilizer that promotes root growth, development and function.

The “dual” strategy of combining Agro-K’s fermentation soil microbial food source technology to improve nutrient availability with Agro-K’s seaweed-based root growth promoting technology creates a powerful nutritional tool to improve nut yield and quality.

BioMax Dual Action + is convenient to apply. It can be applied via most irrigation systems or band-sprayed at the base of the rows and irrigated into the soil profile. There are three best application timings for maximize effect. Applied pre-bloom and again 30 – 45 days later coincides nicely with the tree’s natural spring root development period. It also ensures maximum nutrient availability during nut set and early nut development while simultaneously improving root foraging capability. Maximizing available nutrients during this critical period is important to maximizing nut set and minimizing blanks.

The third important application timing is post-harvest or last irrigation. A post-harvest application helps reinvigorate the soil biosphere to provide trees with nutritional replenishment after the demands of the season’s production. This timing also coincides with the normal fall root flush trees experience to increase nutrient uptake for over-wintering and to ensure the tree has sufficient nutrient reserves for next spring when soils are cool and wet and root function is limited. Applications of BioMax Dual Action + at these three timings in conjunction with a robust fertility program can help minimize alternate bearing issues in nut trees.

The microbial activity within a healthy rhizosphere breaks up soil for improved porosity and water penetration to roots. Increasing biological activity results in significant additional release of carbon dioxide, which creates natural aeration of the soil, better soil tilth, and desired moisture movement and capacity. In irrigated high-value cropping systems in arid growing regions this increased moisture holding capacity is beneficial to improving irrigation efficiencies, which is now more important than ever, especially in the West.

BioMax Dual Action + is best used as part of a comprehensive plant physiology-based nutrient program utilizing foliar products in Agro-K’s Vigor and Dextro-Lac® line. These products are compatible with most other foliar crop inputs, including customary mid-season applications at hull split and for codling moth.

As has been true for nearly 50 years, Agro-K continues to provide the nutrition programs, strategies, and products growers can trust to optimize yield and quality. The recent focus of Agro-K research and development has included a response to the climate and production challenges facing orchards and vineyards today. The result is this new nutrition program strategy combining use of soil-applied and foliar feeding technologies.