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Posted 29 September 2015. PMN Crop News.

Dow AgroSciences Introduces Inatreq Active Fungicide

Cereal market to benefit from unique new chemistry

Source: Dow AgroSciences Press Release.

Indianapolis, Indiana (September 15, 2015)--Dow AgroSciences LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company, revealed more details today about its plans to launch an innovative new fungicide to control key diseases in cereal crops. Inatreq (pronounced “INNA-trek”) active, a product derived from naturally occurring material with outstanding performance, represents a new market opportunity for Dow AgroSciences, with expected annual sales to exceed $200 million at maturity.


Dow AgroSciences is seeking to widely register Inatreq for use in all major cereal fungicide countries, plus pursue registrations in other countries as other uses are identified. For example, the company plans to seek registrations of Inatreq for use on bananas. Currently in the development process, initial Inatreq registrations are anticipated in 2018.

“Farmers are looking for novel fungicides as they fight resistance to protect important crops like cereals,” said Ramiro De La Cruz, Vice President, Crop Protection, Dow AgroSciences. “Inatreq will be the only fungicide in the industry that represents a new target site for disease control in the cereals market, which brings great value to farmers.”

Inatreq provides a unique spectrum of disease control in cereals. Based on field trials, key diseases will be effectively controlled by Inatreq at anticipated label use rates. The new fungicide will provide strong residual protectant efficacy in wheat against Septoria tritici with activity against rust and other diseases.

Kenda Resler Friend