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Posted 28 May 2015. PMN Crop News.

Grain Quality Issues Indicate a Need for Proactive Solutions

Source: BASF Crop Protection Press Release.

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina (May 1, 2015)--As seen in recent trends, improving grain quality is an ongoing challenge facing wheat growers around the world. As the industry leader in wheat fungicides, BASF is committed to providing solutions that help prevent this rising issue by ensuring peak grain quality can be achieved before storage.


Due to adverse weather conditions in recent years, there is a growing need for products that help prevent and manage potentially damaging circumstances. A comprehensive wheat growing system – which includes quality agronomics coupled with innovative products for broad spectrum disease and weed control – provides a level of yield potential and quality that can help growers feel confident that their grain is reaching its full potential in the field.

“As grain quality is related directly to the price of grain, it becomes an issue of survival for growers,” said Dustin F. Lewis, Ph.D., Technical Marketing Manager for Crop Protection and Nutrient Management, BASF. “We’ve seen inconsistent grain quality in recent years and need to make a change, especially due to unpredictable weather and the potential for wet conditions in certain areas this year.”

Fluctuating wheat prices can lead to longer periods of grain storage, increasing the likelihood of quality depreciation. This risk makes proactive management more important than ever. Preventative measures like fungicide use and managing weed threats during the growing season help to ensure that grain quality is at its peak at harvest.

Fungicides offer proactive disease prevention and management, especially in excessively wet weather environments. Priaxor® fungicide is one of many products that controls a large variety of diseases and provides Plant Health benefits to wheat, including increased growth efficiency and stress tolerance. Additionally, Twinline® fungicide works to prevent diseases in wheat, particularly stripe rust and spoilage, due to excessive moisture in the field before harvest.

Crop systems are also developed to help growers manage threats from weeds and other unwanted plants. The Clearfield® Plus Production System for wheat accomplishes this by combining high-yielding wheat varieties with a broad-spectrum herbicide that provides excellent weed control. It also ensures that grain can reach its peak quality during the growing season.

“Between wet conditions and fluctuating grain prices, proactively managing grain crops to ensure the highest quality possible is more important now than ever,” Lewis said. “BASF is committed to helping growers be as confident as possible that their grain will be harvested at the best possible quality level, year after year.” Clearfield, Priaxor and Twinline are registered trademarks of BASF.