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Posted 30 November 2015. PMN Crop News.

Pioneer Brand Corn Silage Portfolio Out-performs Competitors in Tonnage and Starch Content

Source: DuPont Pioneer Press Release.

Des Moines, Iowa (November 12, 2015)--DuPont Pioneer on-farm trials demonstrated that in 2015 the Pioneer® brand corn silage portfolio had a yield advantage of 2.5 tons per acre and a starch advantage of nearly 6 percent versus competitive silage products.


Pioneer® brand brown midrib (BMR) products provided a 1.4-ton per acre yield advantage and a starch advantage of 4.1 percent, with comparable fiber digestibility, versus competitive BMR products in more than 175 head-to-head trials in key dairy geographies.

“We are incredibly proud of the performance of our corn silage products and, in particular, our BMR products this year,” said Kyle Whitaker, DuPont Pioneer forages senior marketing manager. “BMR products are an important part of our corn silage portfolio, which offer producers a wide variety of trait technologies and genetic packages to meet individual yield goals and environmental conditions.”

Pioneer continues to develop corn silage and BMR products with strong yields, proven agronomics and improved digestibility in a variety of comparative relative maturities (CRM). These products are part of the Pioneer Integrated Feed Solutions offering, which combines elite products with forage and agronomic expertise and forage management services to help dairy and beef producers improve productivity, whole-farm performance and profit potential.

“Our team of dairy and livestock specialists works with local Pioneer sales professionals to help producers identify the right mix of products and services to help improve productivity and profitability,” Whitaker said. “Our corn silage and BMR products are out-performing the competition but it is our combination of products, services and team of forage and agronomic experts that set us apart from the rest of the seed companies out there.”

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Jane Slusark