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Posted 26 February 2015. PMN Crop News.

New NutriSphere-N HV Targets High Volume UAN Applications

Source: SFP Press Release.

Cary, North Carolina (February 24, 2015)--Verdesian Life Sciences is launching NutriSphere-N HV, a new polymer formulation of the proven NutriSphere-N® Nitrogen Fertilizer Manager that protects high-volume applications of UAN.


The HV (high volume) formulation will be commercially available in March, and will provide a new, cost effective option for growers who apply high volume applications of UAN, at or above 35 gallons per acre.

“We are a solutions-based agricultural company. Our customers expressed the need for an economical formulation of NutriSphere-N when applying UAN at high rates,” said Greg Thompson, chief operating officer for Verdesian. “We specifically set out to develop an alternative formulation – while not compromising on the outstanding nitrogen protection growers have come to expect from NutriSphere-N.”

NutriSphere-N HV will deliver all of the benefits of NutriSphere-N, including:

• Long-lasting protection against all three forms of nitrogen loss: volatilization, leaching and denitrification

• The ability to pretreat UAN in storage tanks

• An easy to handle and use formulation

In addition, NutriSphere-N and NutriSphere-N HV protect and manage applied nitrogen fertilizer regardless of application timing, giving growers flexibility and advanced protection.

“The efficacy of NutriSphere-N is unquestioned,” said Ryan Bond, Ph.D., vice president of marketing and technical development, noting that the nitrogen manager has been proven through use on more than 34 million acres and through the more than 400 trials completed on-farm and with universities and independent research facilities.

The launch of NutriSphere-N HV comes at a time when growers are managing through a challenging agricultural marketplace. The new HV formulation will help those growers who apply higher volumes of UAN be more successful, and more profitable.

“Lower crop prices and tighter margins are driving corn growers to seek increased efficiencies and higher yields,” Bond said. “NutriSphere-N HV delivers both – more available nitrogen for increased yields at a lower cost per acre when higher rates of UAN are being applied.”

For more information on NutriSphere-N HV, contact your Verdesian technical sales representative or visit