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Posted 2 June 2016. PMN Crop News.

Get the Most From Your Double-Crop Soybeans

Four tips to increase your double-crop soybean yield potential

Source: United Soybean Board Press Release.

Chesterfield, Missouri (May 23, 2016)--A shorter growing season means that double-crop soybeans tend to be at a disadvantage compared with full-season soybean yields. Capture more yield potential by implementing these management strategies tailored specifically for double-crop soybeans.


1. Plant in narrow rows

Double-crop soybeans have less time to develop a full canopy, which means less shading for weed control, less sunlight capture and reduced potential for photosynthesis. Maximize your yield potential by planting in rows of 15 inches or narrower. Increase your seeding rate for more rapid canopy development.

2. Variety maturity

Make sure that the maturity group soybeans you plant will mature before the average date of the first frost in your region. Maximize the length of the growing season by planting on the same day you harvest your small grain crop, when possible.

3. Soil moisture

Adequate soil moisture at planting is crucial for proper soybean germination. Consider skipping the soybean rotation if there is no soil moisture within the top two inches of the soil profile and if there is no rain forecasted at the time of planting. Avoid tillage between your first and second crops to conserve soil moisture.

4. Weed control

Eliminate existing weeds and reduce future weed threats by applying a pre-emergence residual herbicide before planting soybeans.