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Posted 28 January 2016. PMN Crop News.

Bayer Announces New FiberMax and Stoneville Cotton Varieties for 2016

Source: Bayer CropScience Press Release.

Lubbock, Texas (January 5, 2016)--Growers will have three new cotton varieties from Bayer for the 2016 growing season including one FiberMax® and two Stoneville® offerings. All three new varieties are stacked with proprietary Bayer traits including GlyTol®, LibertyLink®and TwinLink® technologies.


GlyTol and LibertyLink technology traits enable safe, over-the-top applications of glyphosate and Liberty® herbicide to manage tough-to-control weeds. The added TwinLink technology provides two Bt genes for season-long protection against lepidopteran pests such as cotton bollworm, pink bollworm and tobacco budworm.

We’re excited to announce these new FiberMax and Stoneville varieties for 2016 because they expand our current variety portfolio and help address real challenges to production issues that growers face year-to-year on their individual farms,” says Jeff Brehmer, U.S. product manager for FiberMax and Stoneville. “U.S. cotton growers know what they need in challenging, often adverse, conditions. Our goal is to work with them in an ongoing cooperative effort to give them new tools each year to help them realize their maximum profit potential.

Regional cotton agronomists test new FiberMax and Stoneville varieties annually through Cotton Agronomic Performance (CAP) trials across the Cotton Belt. CAP trials provide on-farm experience so growers and consultants can evaluate how varieties perform across different soil types, geographical regions, farming practices and water-management techniques.

Bayer begins the process of variety development by surveying stakeholders about the production challenges growers face regarding cottonseed varieties. Researchers, breeders and agronomists then work together to develop varieties for improved fiber quality, higher yield potential and increased profits.

New FiberMax variety:

(Southwest High Plains)

FM 1911GLT is very well adapted to the High Plains of the Southwest. This variety offers high yield potential with a robust fiber package. It features full tolerance to both Liberty and glyphosate herbicides, plus broad-spectrum lepidopteran insect protection (cotton bollworm and pink bollworm) utilizing two Bt genes. FM 1911GLT has yield stability across multiple environments with a broad spectrum disease package. Other key benefits include excellent early season vigor, high gin turnout, very good root-knot nematode and Verticillium wilt tolerance as well as resistance to bacterial blight.

New Stoneville varieties available for 2016 include:

(East Texas, Mid-South, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast)

ST 4848GLT is an early/medium maturing GlyTol LibertyLink TwinLink variety with exceptional yield potential, herbicide flexibility and the added benefit of insect protection of TwinLink technology. ST 4848GLT is easy to manage with moderately aggressive growth characteristics.

(Mid-South, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast)

ST 4949GLT is an early/medium maturing GlyTol LibertyLink TwinLink variety with exceptional yield potential. It has good fiber quality with a very high lint percent. ST 4949GLT is easy to manage with moderately aggressive growth characteristics and early data suggests the added benefit of intermediate Verticillium wilt tolerance.

When we introduce new FiberMax and Stoneville varieties to growers, our goal is to provide solutions to their cotton production challenges with options that complement our current cottonseed portfolio,” Brehmer said. “Our researchers and breeders continue to select and improve varieties for water-use efficiency, insect and nematode tolerance, and superior fiber characteristics and yield potential with the ultimate goal of providing the very best available germplasm on the market for ultimate profitability.