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Posted 30 November 2016. PMN Crop News.

Syngenta Unveils New Fungicide Product Line: Miravis

Source: Syngenta Crop Protection-US Press Release.

Greensboro, North Carolina (November 21, 2016)--This week, Syngenta announced MiravisTM fungicide as the brand name for the fungicide product line containing the new active ingredient, AdepidynTM fungicide, which is currently under regulatory review.


As the first member of a new chemical group within the carboxamide class, Adepidyn fungicide marks the latest disease control innovation from Syngenta. Aiming to tame some of the most destructive diseases growers encounter, Syngenta leveraged global resources and expertise to design a highly effective active ingredient with multiple benefits. Upon regulatory approval, the Miravis fungicide family of products is expected to directly benefit growers by:

• Providing the most activity amongst all chemical classes against leaf spots and powdery mildew. Combined, these two groups of pathogens are among the most common growers face.

• Offering high efficacy against difficult-to-control diseases where growers have limited options, including Botrytis, Sclerotinia and Corynespora, which cause significant yield loss in crops as diverse as grapes, peanuts and potatoes.

• Delivering groundbreaking control of Fusarium, including Fusarium head blight (head scab) in cereals.

“Not only will Adepidyn fungicide provide exceptional control of common yield and quality limiting diseases, but it will also deliver crop enhancement benefits in row crops that growers have seen with our other products,” said Eric Tedford, technical product lead at Syngenta. “This chemistry and its performance in field trials has been impressive and I think growers will be excited when they see the Miravis family of products in action at our Grow More Experience sites in 2017.”

Upon registration, multiple brands containing the active ingredient Adepidyn fungicide will be marketed under the Miravis product line. Specific formulation brand extensions for corn, soybeans, wheat, peanuts, potatoes, grapes and other crops, will be announced in 2017.

For more information visit the Adepidyn product page.

Steven Oklesh