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Posted 30 November 2016. PMN Crop News.

Bayer Expected to Receive California Registration for New Nematicide

Velum® One will offer protection from both nematodes and diseases

Source: Bayer CropScience Press Release.

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina (November 1, 2016)--Bayer anticipates the California registration of Velum® One for use in the 2017 growing season. Velum One, a nematicide with fungicidal activity, is expected to be registered for use on almonds, tomatoes, strawberries, brassicas and cucurbits. The product will manage a wide spectrum of yield-robbing nematodes and brings wide spectrum, long-lasting nematode control to California growers.


“During trials, early season application has been shown to protect root heath and get plants off to a great start,” said Joel Lipsitch, product manager for Bayer. “With Velum One, we will not only protect crops early in the season, but more importantly, we will give growers confidence that they’re using the right tools for the best return on their investment.”

Velum One contains an active ingredient that works to combat nematodes and damaging diseases. It moves from roots to leaves, not only suppressing nematodes below ground but also throughout the plant to suppress key diseases and help maximize yield potential.

“Field trials have shown that Velum One significantly increases yields and has an even greater impact when used with the insecticide/nematicide Movento and full disease management products like Luna,” added Lipsitch.

Once registered, Velum One can be applied through drip/micro chemigation, and the wide-spectrum nematicidal activity can significantly enhance existing nematode management programs. It immobilizes nematodes within one to two hours after contact and effectively suppresses early season diseases such as powdery mildew.

“Once registered, Velum One will bring excellent protection to California crops in the coming year,” said Lipsitch. “We’re thrilled to bring growers a great option for nematode management to help maximize yield.”

Velum One is not currently registered for sale or use in California.

Terri Mitchell