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Posted 29 February 2016. PMN Crop News.

BASF's Systiva XS Seed Treatment Fungicide Receives EPA Registration

New tool helps control seed and seedling diseases in sugar beet crops

Source: BASF Crop Protection Press Release.

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina (February 1, 2016)--The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently registered BASF’s Systiva® XS seed treatment fungicide, which helps U.S. sugar beet growers prevent certain soilborne diseases in their crops.


“For a long time, fungal diseases have created problems for sugar beet cultivation in all major U.S. growing regions,” said Steve Bergschneider, U.S. Crop Seed Enhancement Manager at BASF. “Systiva XS seed treatment fungicide controls multiple devastating fungal diseases, providing growers with added confidence in their crop at harvest.”

The product is effective on one of the harder to control fungal pathogens, Rhizoctonia, which can cause 30-60 percent yield losses, primarily through root rot, for sugar beet growers and potentially place entire fields in jeopardy.

Systiva XS seed treatment fungicide uses BASF's Xemium® fungicide to help control fungal diseases like Rhizoctonia. As many growers know, Xemium fungicide is a unique mode of action that provides broad spectrum, consistent control of a wide variety of diseases in several crops.

In field studies conducted by the University of Nebraska in 2014, treated sugar beets experienced a 3 ton/acre yield increase over base treatments. The effectiveness of Systiva XS seed treatment was also corroborated in field studies conducted during 2014 and 2015 by Betaseed, Inc., the leading sugar beet seed brand for growers in North America.

“When applied to sugar beets, Systiva XS seed treatment fungicide has consistently shown activity against seedling Rhizoctonia infestation longer than other currently registered seed treatment products,” said Mark Schmidt, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Betaseed. “The performance of Systiva XS seed treatment fungicide in commercial fields will give growers long-lasting control throughout the life cycle of the crop, based on our three years of trials.”

Systiva XS seed treatment fungicide will be available to sugar beet growers for the 2016 season. To learn more, visit

Always read and follow label directions.

Systiva and Xemium are registered trademarks of BASF.