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Posted 31 August 2016. PMN Crop News.

Syngenta Introduces Three New High Performing AgriPro Brand Winter Wheat Varieties to Soft Red and Soft White Wheat Growers

Source: Syngenta Crop Protection-US Press Release.

Minnetonka, Minnesota (August 11, 2016)--Adding to the proven portfolio of AgriPro brand wheat varieties, Syngenta is introducing SY 100, SY 944 and SY Viper soft winter wheat varieties for the 2016-2017 season.


"The AgriPro brand is a market leader in U.S. wheat, and the release of these new winter wheat varieties demonstrates the continued excellence of that brand," said Ryan Heiniger, Key Account Lead, Syngenta. "These varieties have consistently excelled in yield trials and offer high grain quality, excellent test weights, and robust disease resistance."

SY 100: This soft red winter wheat variety has an excellent combination of yield and performance, and the high quality of the grain gives this variety superior milling and baking qualities. SY 100 has excellent disease tolerance traits, including powdery mildew and stripe rust. It is best adapted to high input with high return production and has a good winter survival rate. SY 100 is well suited for the Upper Corn Belt and Mid-Atlantic regions.

SY 944: This soft white winter wheat variety delivers excellent milling and baking qualities due to its durable test weight and high grain yield. This medium-late maturity variety offers a strong agronomic package with excellent mildew and soil virus resistance. With good pre-harvest sprouting tolerance and winter survival, SY 944 is hardy and well-suited for the northern growing regions in Michigan and New York.

SY Viper: This soft red winter wheat variety has a medium-early maturity and broad adaptability, equating to better yields in more environments. SY Viper has a strong disease package, showing very good stripe rust tolerance and good Metribuzin tolerance in testing. This variety has a very good test weight and showed high yields across the Mid-South and East Coast growing regions.

As winter wheat growers prepare for the upcoming planting season, Syngenta recommends implementing an integrated approach to crop management. Syngenta reminds growers to select varieties with superior genetics and to use balanced agronomic practices. Planting quality certified seed varieties and incorporating good planting practices, such as residue management, following proper seeding rates and using seed treatments, are critical to helping wheat start strong.

Seed treatments like CruiserMaxx Vibrance Cereals insecticide/fungicide protect seeds the moment they are planted. As the season progresses, growers are encouraged to scout and apply foliar fungicides as necessary. Growers who choose an integrated management approach will greatly benefit at harvest time, having maximized both their wheat yield and profit potential.

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