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Posted 4 October 2016. PMN Crop News.

Syngenta Introduces Two New Interactive Tools Featuring Vibrance Brand Seed Treatment Fungicide

Source: Syngenta Crop Protection-US Press Release.

Greensboro, North Carolina (September 1, 2016)--As part of the ongoing commitment to provide growers and retailers with the most current crop protection products and agronomic resources, Syngenta Seedcare recently launched two new online tools. The Vibrance® seed treatment fungicide Learning Module and the Vibrance Interactive Infographic were both developed to help educate and build awareness about the impact of soilborne pathogens on root health and crop productivity in corn, soybeans and wheat.


“As a leader in the seed treatment industry, we believe it’s important to provide growers and retailers with visually stimulating educational tools that explain the concept of root health and the products Syngenta offers to help maximize RootingPower from the very beginning of the season,” said David Piñon, communications lead, Syngenta. “Vibrance affords seed protection that stimulates quality root systems to deliver better emergence, stand establishment, nutrient uptake and stress tolerance, and we believe these two new tools convey this in compelling ways.”

The learning module walks participants through a series of sections, including an in-depth look at the importance of root health, disease protection and the benefits of Vibrance. Participants are eligible to receive one Integrated Pest Management CEU credit for completion.

The interactive infographic visually leads users through young corn, soybean and wheat crops to demonstrate the impact of Rhizoctonia, as well as the RootingPower benefits of Vibrance.

Syngenta offers Vibrance across multiple crops, and in combination with other leading seed treatments, to help ensure growers achieve maximum return on investment. In addition to corn, soybeans, and wheat, Vibrance is also registered for use on canola, cotton, potatoes, pulse crops and sugarbeets.

For more information about Vibrance or to check local availability, growers can contact their Syngenta representative.