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Posted 1 June 2017. PMN Crop News.

2017 Cotton Maturity Guide

Source: Mississippi State University Extension Article.

By Darrin Dodds, Extension Cotton Specialist, Mississippi State University Extension


Stoneville, Mississippi (May 26, 2017)--The updated 2017 cotton maturity guide can be accessed using the link below. Keep in mind that maturity differences depicted in this guide are in an “everything else being equal” scenario. A number of factors can affect maturity including (but not limited to) nitrogen fertilization, insect and nematode infestation, irrigation management, seeding rate, and several others. Given the challenging weather conditions this year, switching to an earlier maturing variety should be considered given the calendar date.

The 2017 cotton maturity guide was compiled by myself with help from numerous seed company representatives and cotton experts in Mississippi as well as surrounding states.

2017 Cotton Maturity Guide

This article was published by Mississippi State University Extension. Visit for the original article.

Darrin Dodds