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Posted 1 June 2017. PMN Crop News.

EWINDO Launches Five New Vegetable Varieties at National Expo

Educates farmers on the latest “transplanting” cultivation techniques for greater yields at lower production costs

Source: East-West Seed Press Release.

Purwakarta, West Java, Indonesia (May 12, 2017)--Leading hybrid tropical vegetable seed producer PT East West Seed Indonesia (EWINDO) held its yearly National EXPO. The event was a great success and saw over 700 farmers visiting from all over Indonesia, alongside another 2,100 visitors including many agricultural activists. The annual event was held over two days from 4 - 5 May 2017 and was hosted with the theme "Closer to Best Friends".


EWINDO’s Managing Director Glenn Pardede said, “The National Expo is one of EWINDO's top priorities in realizing progress within our national horticulture sector by providing quality seeds and guidance to farmers. As well as enabling farmers to harvest better quality vegetables with our seeds, they are also able to consult, exchange ideas, and discover the latest techniques in tropical vegetable cultivation from us.”

New vegetable varieties

In addition, EWINDO announced the launch of five new vegetable seed varieties at the Expo. These include our high-quality tomato varieties OPTIMA F1 and ULTIMA F1, our eggplant varieties YUVITA F1 and HITAVI F1, and pepper variation BAJA F1. These five varieties are all resistant to the Gemini Virus and have a 25% higher production ability on average in comparison to other strains. EWINDO also featured around 90 other kinds of top quality vegetables from our pre-existing collection.

"We continue to conduct research and development to create varieties that are not only resistant to plant diseases but are also able to provide higher crop yields. We hope these new varieties will meet the ongoing needs of farmers for quality seeds and provide maximum harvest results," said Glenn.

Techniques for greater yields

Held at EWINDO’s Research and Development Center, the National Expo gave farmers the opportunity to learn the planting and cultivation techniques of shallots from seed for the TUK TUK, SANREN, and LOKANANTA varieties. This particular cultivation technique is expected to further expand the planting of shallots throughout Indonesia. Growing shallots from seeds will lead to greater yields than growing from bulbs at the same time as lowering production costs significantly.

Farmers were also given the chance to discuss cultivation and plant diseases directly with EWINDO’s experts and exchange personal experiences’ with farmers from other regions. Farmers will then be able to carry these newfound insights and share them even further afield with the other 10 million vegetable farmers from Aceh to Papua who have been using Cap Panah Merah seeds in their respective regions. A great opportunity for knowledge sharing.

In line with the National Expo theme, "Closer to Best Friends," EWINDO also recently launched their innovative new SIPINDO application. SIPINDO’s features enable farmers to access vital agricultural information from cropping patterns, climate data, and soil fertility, to plant diseases and the latest product prices on the market. All in real time. “With SIPINDO, our company is not only getting closer to farmers, but is also enabling farmers to get closer to each other," Glenn concluded.