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Posted 5 March 2018. PMN Crop News.

Portal XLO Miticide/Insecticide Granted Reduced Preharvest Interval in Citrus

Source: Nichino America Press Release.

Wilmington, Delaware (November 9, 2017)--Portal® XLO Miticide/Insecticide from Nichino America, Inc. has been granted a reduced Preharvest Interval (PHI) from 14 to 3 days for citrus crops.


The active ingredient in Portal XLO, fenpyroximate, works by blocking cellular respiration, providing excellent control of Asian Citrus Psyllid (ACP) nymphs and adults. Portal XLO is also active on other pests including spider mites, leafhoppers, and mealybugs.

“The reduction of the PHI for Portal XLO to 3 days allows citrus operations to stay on schedule” says Alex Truszkowski, product manager for Nichino America. “The fast activity of Portal XLO along with this reduced PHI also provides citrus caretakers the flexibility to control ACP especially during the spring flush, making Portal XLO an excellent rotational tool for most resistance management programs,” Truszkowski adds.

Portal XLO is a contact miticide/insecticide; proper application techniques must be closely followed to ensure optimal control. For control of ACP adults and nymphs, Portal XLO should be applied when newly expanding foliage flush is present. Nichino America recommends thorough spray coverage when applying Portal XLO with a minimum water volume of 100 gallons per acre by ground; and 10 gallons per acre by air.

Portal XLO belongs to the METI (Mitochondrial Electron Transport Inhibitor) class of compounds, IRAC Group 21A Insecticide. For effective resistance management, Portal XLO should be used in rotation with other modes of action. Based on the label, citrus growers may make up to two applications, totaling 4 pints per acre for the season.