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Posted 30 May 2019. PMN Crop News.

Plant Disease and Vector Research in a Changing World

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Source: The American Phytopathological Society Press Release.


St. Paul, Minnesota (May 28, 2019)--Agricultural systems are being disrupted by systemic changes in technology, biology, and the environment. Nothing encompasses this changing dynamic more than the vector–pathogen relationship in plant pathology. Increased understanding of the complex environmental factors influencing alterations in the behavior of vectors and the variables that cause direct and indirect changes to vectored pathogens are fundamental to adapting to this changing world. Questions arise such as how the environmental changes are likely to influence future vector-borne epidemics in cultivated plants and natural vegetation and predictions of changes to vector and pathogen dispersion and prevalence, effects on trophic-level interactions, and novel control strategies. Can new technologies such as RNAi and CRISPR be used to better understand complex interactions or manage virus epidemics? What are the potential effects of the ever-changing regulatory landscape on access to control options, particularly for invasive vectors and pathogens?


Courtesy N. A. Harrison—© APS. Reproduced, by permission, from Elliott, M. L., Broschat, T. K., Uchida, J. Y., and Simone, G. W., eds. 2004. Compendium of Ornamental Palm Diseases and Disorders. American Phytopathological Society


Potential article topics include, but are not limited to:

• How environmental variables (e.g., average temperature, temperature extremes, rainfall, atmospheric CO2 levels, and extreme drought and flood events) interact with plant and vector populations

• Effects of a changing environment on acquisition efficiency and latency

• Unraveling complex interactions between host, vector, virus, and environment

• Predictions of how climate change will affect future virus epidemics

We invite research and perspective articles that explore all aspects of these changes for the Plant Health Progress focus issue on virus–vector interactions, use of advanced technologies in understanding these relationships, and aspects of climate change on plant hosts and vectors. Articles highlighting applied research as well as fundamental understanding are welcome. We look forward to assembling an issue that highlights some of the best current research in this rapidly advancing area of the changing dynamic between pathogens/vectors and plants.

Benefits to Authors

A Focus Issue offers authors several benefits. A single-topic issue gives scientists an opportunity to publish alongside the related work of peers to highlight progress in a focal area. The “Plant Disease and Vector Research in a Changing WorldPlant Health Progress Focus Issue will be widely promoted and is expected to be highly cited, giving authors maximum exposure. Articles will be submitted to Crossref, allowing citation tracking and connectivity as this research area moves forward in Plant Health Progress and other scientific journals.

If you are working on research described herein, submit your manuscript to Plant Health Progress and indicate in Manuscript Central that you would like your manuscript to be considered for the Focus Issue. The submission deadline for this Focus Issue is 7/18/19.

For more information about the scope of this issue, please contact Pamela Roberts, Plant Health Progress Editor-in-Chief.