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Posted 4 December 2019. PMN Crop News.

Make Velum and Movento the Choice for Orchard Solutions

V+M Solution provides complete systemic protection against nematodes and other pests

Source: Bayer CropScience Press Release.

St. Louis, Missouri (November 13, 2019)--As one of the greatest hazards to almond orchards, nematodes can negatively impact root health. According to the California Department of Food and Agriculture, nematodes can cause up to a 50 percent loss in annual yield. Because they are an unseen threat, they are difficult to recognize before the roots have been damaged. Nematodes can cause low tree vigor, reduced water and nutrient uptake. A healthy, robust root system is necessary to maximize plant growth and reduce losses across orchards.


Velum One plus Movento from Bayer are a complete systemic solution designed to protect root health and maximize almond yield potential. Called the V+M Solution, the combination of these tools can boost plant health by not only preventing below ground plant parasitic nematodes but other above ground damaging pests such as mites and insects including scales, psyllids, mealybugs and aphids.

"In almonds, Velum and Movento work together," said Matthew Wilson, field sales representative for Bayer. "Velum will work on nematodes in a tree crop, whereas Movento will work on nematodes in addition to other insects."

Velum One is a wide-spectrum nematicide that protects roots and helps establish the almond crop. Velum One is soil applied pre- or post-plant through chemigation. It also has residual efficacy at a low application rate and offers fast, effective, long-term control of nematodes with advanced chemistry.

Movento is a foliar nematicide and insecticide, with two-way systemicity traveling both upwards in the xylem and throughout the entire plant via the phloem with high level of residual efficacy. Providing long-lasting and reliable protection both above and below ground, Movento is active by ingestion and is an integral part of a season-long Integrated Pest Management program. This results in a greener, healthier, more abundant almond harvest.

"It's important to manage nematode populations in orchards. Without proper management of nematodes over the course of time, the populations can build and cause significant plant injury, which can ultimately lead to a reduction in yield, reduction in vigor and a reduction in overall plant health," said Wilson.

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