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Posted 6 June 2003. PMN Crop News.

Amistar®, a New Formulation of Quadris®, Packs Protective Punch for Potato, Vegetable Growers

Syngenta Crop Protection.

Greensboro, NC (May 28, 2003) - Potato and vegetable growers can now enjoy the performance of Quadris® fungicide in a new easy-to-use, dry formulation tradenamed Amistar®. This azoxystrobin fungicide from Syngenta Crop Protection has received approval from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for control of foliar and soil-borne diseases in potatoes and vegetables and will have limited introductory quantities available in the 2003 season. Registration is pending in California and New York.

Amistar provides growers with the same crop quality and yield benefits as Quadris®, with the same active ingredient. Applied either by ground or air, Amistar controls diseases from all four classes of fungi including, but not limited to, early blight, late blight, powdery mildew and black dot in potatoes and powdery mildew, downy mildew, Septoria leaf spot and Anthracnose in vegetables.

"Syngenta has also added other grower-friendly conveniences to its newest azoxystrobin fungicide, such as low use rates, easy pouring, dust-free formulation and simple cleanup," said Jim Frank, Ph.D., technical brand manager for Syngenta." One 7.5 pound jug of Amistar will treat up to 60 acres, nearly three times that of previous azoxystrobin formulations."

Syngenta developed a new formulation technology called the Pepite Process to manufacture Amistar. It creates tiny fungicide particles in a wettable granule formulation. This results in the rapid, thorough coverage of a liquid fungicide combined with the convenience of a dry product. The small particle size also enhances transport into the tissue of treated plants, allowing the product's active ingredient to quickly begin moving systemically to protect the crop.

"These tiny particles also allow Amistar to go into suspension readily, mix easily and stay suspended far longer than traditional granular formulations," said Frank.

Amistar is offered in two convenient packaging options. One is a case with two, 7.5-pound jugs. The other is a case with six 20-ounce bottles. Amistar is also compatible with a variety of tankmix partners and fertilizer carriers.

The EPA has designated Amistar a Reduced Risk pesticide meaning it has a favorable environmental profile. In addition, Amistar has the lowest re-entry interval - four hours - of any foliar fungicide on the market today.

As with all fungicides, resistance management is key to protecting its efficacy. Always rotate fungicides having different modes of action to prevent resistance development. As a leader in fungicides, Syngenta offers a complete line of products, including: Abound®, Amistar®, Bravo®, Platinum (tm) Ridomil Gold®, Quadris®, Omega® Ridomil Gold® and Maxim® brand fungicides.