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Posted 1 October 2003. PMN Crop News.

Proclaim® Insecticide Receives Expanded Label for Worm Control

New label adds fruiting and leafy vegetables, plus aerial application

Syngenta Crop Protection.

Greensboro, NC (August 5, 2003) - Proclaim® foliar insecticide from Syngenta Crop Protection has received an expanded label from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for control of lepidopteran pests in fruiting and leafy vegetables. This expanded label also allows aerial application. The expanded registration is pending in California.

Proclaim was previously used only in head and stem cole crops, head lettuce and celery. Its new uses include fruiting vegetables (primarily tomatoes and peppers), the leafy vegetable group and leafy brassica. A total of 48 vegetable crops are now on the revised label.

Lepidoptera is one of the most damaging insect groups in vegetable crops. Proclaim is a versatile, low use rate insecticide that effectively controls the larval stages (worms or caterpillars) of lepidopteran pests. Additionally, Proclaim suppresses leafminers.

Proclaim is a selective insecticide containing the active ingredient emamectin benzoate.

"In recent years, lepidopteran species, including the diamondback moth and beet armyworm, have become resistant or shown increasing tolerance to commonly used, broad-spectrum insecticides," said Roy Boykin, Ph.D., technical brand manager for Syngenta. "Proclaim provides an effective alternative that utilizes a new mode of action, and which specifically targets worms. Because of its application flexibility and broad-spectrum lepidopteran activity, Proclaim can be the foundation of a pest control program in vegetable crops, making it much more than a resistance management tool."

Proclaim penetrates leaf tissue through translaminar movement. This creates a reservoir of active ingredient within treated leaves for long lasting residual pest control. Once target pests ingest the insecticide's active ingredient, they become paralyzed and stop feeding almost immediately. The pests die of starvation within two to four days.

Because of its unique mode of action, there is virtually no potential for cross-resistance to other classes of chemistry. In addition, Proclaim is an excellent fit for integrated pest management programs. In field and laboratory tests, beneficial insects showed greater than 80 percent survival after exposure to day-old foliar residues of Proclaim, or they were collected live soon after application without evidence of toxicity. And since emamectin benzoate penetrates the plant leaf, Proclaim is rainfast once it is absorbed.

"Since it was labeled for head and stem cole crops and lettuce in 1999, Proclaim has proven its effectiveness against hard-to-control worms," said Boykin. "Allowing now for aerial application provides greater flexibility against these pests, while the addition of these many new vegetable crops makes it a more useful tool for growers."


Mary DeMers, Syngenta Crop Protection